on the street in paris

20/04/2012 § 190 Comments

 Most of these photos were taken in the St. Germain area of Paris.. one of my favourite neighbourhoods for walking around in. Paris is a very walkable city.. especially when the weather was as nice as it was a few weeks ago. It was great to browse the shops in the area and of course I had to stop at Ladurée [I did twice while we were in Paris actually..haha]. I took a picture almost exactly like the fourth photo last time I was in Paris.. interesting to see how small things have changed.

Feeling a bit better now about the state of things here in NL.. we had a bit of a studio crisis as our P4 presentation date was moved a week earlier than we expected, but after a bit of pressure we’ve convinced our tutor to move it back.. so we’ve actually gained a much needed extra 2 weeks. Still things are going to be busy.. I’m trying to work on job applications and my online portfolio/website on top of studio work. At least I’ll feel comfortable devoting a day or two to that this weekend now that we know we’ve got some extra time.

Anyways, hope you’re enjoying spring!


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