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A lot has happened since I last shared anything on here. In mid may, Eric and I moved back to Vancouver which has been a bit of an adjustment but overall it’s quite nice to be back. There are a lot of new things we’re discovering, and moving home made me really appreciate things here a lot more.. especially the nature that really makes the Pacific North West what it is. Before moving home we did a trip to Scotland, the first part of which we spent in Glasgow visiting some friends of ours. These are just a few shots from around the city. After Glasgow we headed into the Scottish Highlands which was a really amazing experience. I’ll share more photos from the trip soon. Hope you are all enjoying the summer.



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018_18019_19 022_22 020_20 023_23 027_27 026_26 It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.. I blame it on work and bad weather for photography. These are some photos from Dresden, part of my vacation in Germany this past summer. Some big changes coming my way.. my time here in the Netherlands is finally coming to an end it seems. My internship is almost up and after that it looks like I’ll be heading back to Canada and see where things take me from there! I’m both excited and really anxious about the move. I’m really used to life here now so I think it will be a bit strange being back home at first but there are definitely some things I’ve missed since I’ve been living here. Anyways, I want to try to make the most of my last few months here so I will try to take as many photos as possible. Hope to share more soon.


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0013 0014 0004 0019 0023 0022 0026 0024 0028 More photos from Berlin this summer. I’m really missing that city.. hope to find an excuse to go back soon!


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 I was back in Vancouver for the month of September and was able to do a little weekend road trip into Washington state. My friend Ellen has a place by Mount Baker that we’ve been going to since high school and I was really excited to get to go back again. It was really awesome to spend some time in the wilderness [those things in the distance in the second picture are elk!]. I have more photos from this trip that I will share soon.. hopefully along with more from Berlin and also Venice!

In other news I started work on Monday at an architecture firm in Amsterdam and I’m quite liking it so far. Can’t believe November is half over already!


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Again, it’s been forever.. haha. I decided just to crop the photos from Berlin instead of rescanning them since I wasn’t happy with the results last time I used the school’s scanner.. I think these look alright. But argh, now I’m so far behind with developing my photos.. I just got back from Venice just over a week ago and took lots there as well. Venice is truly amazing and I had a really great time! Will post more about it in the future but for now here are some pictures from Berlin back in July during a walk through Friedrichshain. I can’t wait to go back to that city.

on the street in paris

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 Most of these photos were taken in the St. Germain area of Paris.. one of my favourite neighbourhoods for walking around in. Paris is a very walkable city.. especially when the weather was as nice as it was a few weeks ago. It was great to browse the shops in the area and of course I had to stop at Ladurée [I did twice while we were in Paris actually..haha]. I took a picture almost exactly like the fourth photo last time I was in Paris.. interesting to see how small things have changed.

Feeling a bit better now about the state of things here in NL.. we had a bit of a studio crisis as our P4 presentation date was moved a week earlier than we expected, but after a bit of pressure we’ve convinced our tutor to move it back.. so we’ve actually gained a much needed extra 2 weeks. Still things are going to be busy.. I’m trying to work on job applications and my online portfolio/website on top of studio work. At least I’ll feel comfortable devoting a day or two to that this weekend now that we know we’ve got some extra time.

Anyways, hope you’re enjoying spring!

le louvre

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The Louvre was spectacular as always. Despite having visited it several times before, I always enjoy coming back. Although it does seem every time I visit the museum it’s busier than ever. We saw a lot of the ‘must sees’ but it was a pretty short visit in the end since we had a lot on our list for that day. The last picture is kind of blurry but I liked the effect of it better than it’s non-blurry counterpart.. sums up the atmosphere outside the Louvre more fittingly.. ordered yet slightly chaotic.

Hoping it will warm up a bit here over the weekend.. I’ve been longing to have a picnic outside but it’s hard to tell if the weather will hold out long enough these days. I had put my winter coat away but I found myself wearing it a few times in the last week.. come on spring! More photos soon 🙂

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