bk city [part two]

26/10/2010 § 2 Comments

I end up brining my camera to school with me a lot, usually with the intention of taking pictures along the way to or from school, but I’ve found that I mostly end up taking pictures inside the building. Sounds kind of boring but I really like this building.. it’s pretty unique. In 2008 the old architecture building was totally destroyed in a fire so the faculty moved into this old building which had to be completely renovated. All the renovations and additions are designed to be temporary, because the faculty is still undecided as to whether or not to stay in this building or build a new one. Because of this a lot of the rooms are kind of unfinished and a bit rough around the edges [which I love]. There are of course issues with the building, but hey, it’s a pretty nice place to work overall and has everything you need basically [espresso bar, book shop/modeling supply shop, print shop, caf, pub..]. Photos are: 1. tower, 2. cafeteria lighting, 3. posters/ads by the caf, 4. eating/studying area, 5. Eric + Ignacio at lunch, 6. “De Straat” [the street], 7. The Why Factory.

I spent the last few hours getting informed on Dutch politics. Now it’s just about time for bed.. I feel a cold coming on. Time to bundle up and drink some tea.


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