bk city [part one]

24/10/2010 § 2 Comments

The last week has been pretty crazy. I had a group project to finish for Friday which turned out fine but was a bit stressful to get finished. Our class got a week extension to finish up our conclusions which is nice but it’s good to know most of the work is over and done with. I took these photos a bit over a week ago when I was working on my midterm presentation for our design studio. Most studios had midterms on the 15th so the model hall was pretty crazy.

I had an interesting weekend for the most part. Friday I met up with some friends from my studio [including a few fellow Canadians :)] and went to this medieval restaurant in Delft. It was a pretty fun experience! In a way I regret bringing my camera but there was only candlelight so I don’t think many of the pictures would have turned out anyways. We ate soup from bowls with clunky wooden spoons, had to manage to eat all our meat and veggies sans cutlery and had a sing-along sessions in dutch/english with the restaurant’s minstrel [ha!]. Afterwards we met up with some more friends and ended up going to some dorm party which was kind of lame but we made it fun anyways. I was feeling a bit under the weather Saturday so I spent the day relaxing. Today I took it easy for the most part but I was feeling a bit better in the afternoon so I met up with some girls from studio. As for what we did, I’ll post more about that soon [once I get my film developed]. I’m pretty excited about these pictures.. we’ll see how they turn out but it will be something a little different…

Anyways, I hope everyone had a nice weekend!

PS – BK City is the name of the architecture building [“boukunde city”]


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