a town called concrete

13/01/2013 § 8 Comments

011_110021002200230025¬†012_12One of my best friends back home has a cabin in Washington state and the nearest town is called Concrete. There are about 700 people living there and although it’s not the most happening place we still had fun exploring the ‘downtown’ strip. These were taken back in September already.. I’m missing the West Coast terribly, even though I was just back a few weeks ago for Christmas!



2011 [part II]

06/01/2012 § 3 Comments

¬†Second half of my “year in review.” I’m back in Delft now after a pretty brutal day of flying, delays, turbulence and multiple landing attempts. Glad to be on the ground for a while. I love to travel but flying is not my favourite… was just reminded of that fact yesterday.

[1] made it back to Vancouver and spent a day downtown with my mom and sister [2] nothing beats driving on the Sea to Sky Highway after a great weekend camping [3] did a West Coast road trip with my family and stopped at Deception Pass [4] we spent a few days at Cannon Beach in Oregon, watching the fog roll in and out [5] and exploring the beach a bit [6] then it was off to Portland.. it was great, and pretty close to Vancouver.. will have to visit more often [7] my mom and I made a trip to Salt on my last full day in Vancouver [8] my sister came back to NL with me and we made a trip to London [9] back in NL we spent a day biking in the Hoge Veluwe Park and it was stunning [10] tired of lame/overpriced sushi in Delft we made our own [11] I went to Hong Kong with my studio and it was a sensory overload.. loved it! [12] on our last day we went to Tai O, a fishing village, which was an amazing contrast to the city.

Will share more photos from Tai O soon.. they turned out to be some of my favourite from the trip. Hope everyone is enjoying 2012 so far.

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