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018_18019_19 022_22 020_20 023_23 027_27 026_26 It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.. I blame it on work and bad weather for photography. These are some photos from Dresden, part of my vacation in Germany this past summer. Some big changes coming my way.. my time here in the Netherlands is finally coming to an end it seems. My internship is almost up and after that it looks like I’ll be heading back to Canada and see where things take me from there! I’m both excited and really anxious about the move. I’m really used to life here now so I think it will be a bit strange being back home at first but there are definitely some things I’ve missed since I’ve been living here. Anyways, I want to try to make the most of my last few months here so I will try to take as many photos as possible. Hope to share more soon.



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005_5 006_6 007_7 008_8 013_13 This summer my family came to visit me for my graduation and after we went on a 2.5 week trip to Germany. We spent the first few days in Berlin, then traveled south to Saxony [Freistaat Sachsen] and spent almost a week there before returning to Berlin. These photos were taken at the Bastei, near Kurort Rathen. The landscape here reminded me of one of my favourite paintings, Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer by the Romantic period painter Caspar David Friedrich. It was really beautiful up there.. I realized that since I moved to the Netherlands I find myself missing the mountains a lot. Overall the trip was great, plus I got some much needed German practice in. More photos to come soon!


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Again, it’s been forever.. haha. I decided just to crop the photos from Berlin instead of rescanning them since I wasn’t happy with the results last time I used the school’s scanner.. I think these look alright. But argh, now I’m so far behind with developing my photos.. I just got back from Venice just over a week ago and took lots there as well. Venice is truly amazing and I had a really great time! Will post more about it in the future but for now here are some pictures from Berlin back in July during a walk through Friedrichshain. I can’t wait to go back to that city.

last stop: wuppertal

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 The last place we stopped on our roadtrip before heading back to NL was Wuppertal because Leah and I were adamant about seeing the Schwebebahn. I kid you not I had dreamt about this place before.. so I just had to go! The Schwebebahn is a floating tram system that’s been in use in Wuppertal since the beginning of the 1900s.. pretty amazing. It looks a little bit like some futuristic dystopian structure but it’s really great.. riding on it was almost like an amusement park ride. Overall I think we were all pretty glad we took the time to stop in Wuppertal and explore the city a bit.

I’ll be super busy for the next week working towards a big presentation on the 27th and then I’m leaving right after for 4 days for a little post-presentation/pre-birthday vacation.. so it might be a while until I post again but I’ll try to at least share a few photos from Scandinavia before long.


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 During our road trip we made a stop in the German city of Trier. Although we only stayed long enough to take a walk through the centre it seemed like a pretty interesting place with lots of history. The Porta Nigra [last 2 photos] is an old Roman city gate.. pretty amazing that it’s still in such good condition. I think my gloves may have gotten in the way on a couple of these photos in the top corner.. it was bitterly cold and really hard to work the camera without freezing my fingers off!

Thankfully the cold spell in this part of Europe has passed and it looks like we’ll be getting above 10 degrees pretty consistently soon. Looking forward to spring!


2011 [part I]

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 Looking back, I did a lot of things in 2011 and I think it was a pretty great year overall. I tried to find some photos that may not have made their way onto here yet to sum up the year.

[1] went to the beach on a cold and sunny January afternoon [2] early morning sky on a studio site visit in February [3+4] friends and food, sometime in early February [5] went to a small town in Niedersachsen, Germany [6] and visited an old house [7] made my first ever trip to London and toured the AA building [8] went for a yummy lunch at Koya in London [9] got to explore a cool old building [twice] for my building conservation course [10] spring came to NL and it was sunny and warm [11] experienced my first Queen’s Day [12] went to Berlin! it was one of the best trips and one of the last things I did before finishing up school and coming back to Vancouver for the summer…

More 2011 memories to follow. Happy 2012!

2009 part four: münchen

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This summer I took two weeks off of work to go to Munich. My friend Markus lives there, and I had been the year before and definitely felt somehow at home in Bavaria. Although, its really hard for me to understand the Bavarian dialect.. I have a pretty good handle on high German, but Bavarian is so different! It was a bit easier the second time around though. So I went back this summer to do some more exploring and check out a school there to see if it was a possibility for grad school. Anyways, here are a few “fotos” from the trip. These ones are just from Munich, I have a lot more from other areas in Bavaria which I will post soon. Oh, also some of these photos are not taken with my usual dslr [I couldn’t find the battery charger while I was packing, so I borrowed my family’s Kodak point and shoot]

Max-Joseph Platz.


The fountain at Karlsplatz.

The beautiful Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan.

BMW Welt [BMW World]

Me standing by BMW World, it’s a massive building!

One of my favourite buildings in Munich, Museum Brandhorst.

I realized I have a ton of photos, so I’m going to split these up a bit. I still haven’t found my camera’s battery charger… argh. At least I have a bunch of pictures from Germany to post meanwhile!

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