a town called concrete

13/01/2013 § 8 Comments

011_110021002200230025 012_12One of my best friends back home has a cabin in Washington state and the nearest town is called Concrete. There are about 700 people living there and although it’s not the most happening place we still had fun exploring the ‘downtown’ strip. These were taken back in September already.. I’m missing the West Coast terribly, even though I was just back a few weeks ago for Christmas!




15/11/2012 § 8 Comments

 I was back in Vancouver for the month of September and was able to do a little weekend road trip into Washington state. My friend Ellen has a place by Mount Baker that we’ve been going to since high school and I was really excited to get to go back again. It was really awesome to spend some time in the wilderness [those things in the distance in the second picture are elk!]. I have more photos from this trip that I will share soon.. hopefully along with more from Berlin and also Venice!

In other news I started work on Monday at an architecture firm in Amsterdam and I’m quite liking it so far. Can’t believe November is half over already!

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