afternoon light

05/12/2012 § 3 Comments

000500070014 A few photos taken one afternoon in Vancouver. It’s getting pretty chilly here in NL, we’ve had a bit of snow on and off the past few days. Nothing sticking around yet though. Hope December is treating you well!


15/11/2012 § 8 Comments

 I was back in Vancouver for the month of September and was able to do a little weekend road trip into Washington state. My friend Ellen has a place by Mount Baker that we’ve been going to since high school and I was really excited to get to go back again. It was really awesome to spend some time in the wilderness [those things in the distance in the second picture are elk!]. I have more photos from this trip that I will share soon.. hopefully along with more from Berlin and also Venice!

In other news I started work on Monday at an architecture firm in Amsterdam and I’m quite liking it so far. Can’t believe November is half over already!


01/11/2012 § 5 Comments

Again, it’s been forever.. haha. I decided just to crop the photos from Berlin instead of rescanning them since I wasn’t happy with the results last time I used the school’s scanner.. I think these look alright. But argh, now I’m so far behind with developing my photos.. I just got back from Venice just over a week ago and took lots there as well. Venice is truly amazing and I had a really great time! Will post more about it in the future but for now here are some pictures from Berlin back in July during a walk through Friedrichshain. I can’t wait to go back to that city.


06/10/2012 § 1 Comment

It’s been forever since I’ve posted here.. but I’ve still be taking lots of photos.. I’m just terribly behind with sharing and developing them. I was going to make a post this morning when I realized all the photos that were scanned on to the last CD I got were cropped incorrectly so I think I’ll scan them myself before sharing them.. might be a few days though. Here’s a little teaser from my Berlin trip. Anyways, I’ve been back to Vancouver for a month to visit and work and now I’m back in NL on the job hunt. Hope the fall has been treating you well!

landschaftspark duisburg-nord

07/08/2012 § 3 Comments

After our overnight stay in Brussels we packed up and headed to Köln. Although I didn’t get to see too much of the city, I really liked what I did see and we happened to find a pretty cool art festival/party going on in one of the neighbourhoods close by our hotel. The next day we headed to Duisburg to check out the Landschaftspark there. It was established in 1991 as a way to reuse the coal and steel production plant that had been abandoned there in the mid-1980s. The park was probably one of the coolest places I’ve ever visited. Even though it was pretty rainy we climbed all the way to the top of one of the biggest structures there and got an amazing view of the surrounding area. And the best part was we  discovered a huge climbing area and even a slide [last photo], which ended up being the funnest part of our trip.

More photos soon, I’m waiting on a roll from Berlin to be developed. Hope the summer is treating you well!

a day in brussels

23/07/2012 § 4 Comments

 Well, it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything on here.. so much has been going on since I last posted. I guess most importantly, I had my graduation presentation on July 2nd and I ended up doing quite well. It’s still pretty overwhelming for me to think that I’m done with my master’s degree now. And I was lucky enough to have my family come from Canada which made it even better. After a few much needed days of relaxing we headed to Germany, where I’ve spent most of the last two weeks. It was a great vacation and gave me the opportunity to take a much needed computer break. I have a lot of pictures to share [eventually] but for now here are some pictures from the road trip I took at the beginning of June in Brussels. We happened to stumble upon a Bordeaux wine tasting festival which was pretty much the perfect way to end the afternoon.

Happy summer!

road trip round two

17/06/2012 § 5 Comments

 Two weekends ago I went on another road trip with Andrew, Leah, Robert and Eric. Our plan was to spend a night in Brussels and a night in Köln. It was lots of fun! These pictures were taken at/on our way to our first stop, the ‘Moses Bridge’ at Fort de Roovere in the south of the Netherlands. It was a pretty cool piece of design.

My graduation presentation is in 2 [!!] weeks. I’ll try to post some more photos from the trip before then. Next stop, Brussels!



canadian poli psa: bill c-38

13/06/2012 § 2 Comments

I don’t usually post about politics on my blog, but for the Canadian readers out there it’s important to know more about Bill C-38 and what you can do to help stop this “Budget Bill” from passing. My good friend, Terris has done a great job over at her blog explaining why this piece of legislation is so dangerous and also what you can do/who you can contact to try and get your voice heard. Also, has more information about rallies taking place across the country and how to contact your MP. Taken from the LeadNow website:

“The Budget Bill contains changes to over 70 laws. It’s a sweeping agenda that would gut our environmental protections, hollow out our economy and damage our society. This Bill will affect all of our lives, and it is being rushed through Parliament without time for open debate or public scrutiny. If it passes unchanged, the Budget Bill will further erode our democracy, and fundamentally change our country.”

I worry that this bill will have a lasting negative impact on our social, environmental and economic welfare. If you care about the issues raised in this bill, please do what you can, whether it be sign a petition, attend a rally or send an email to your MP and urge them to speak out against this undemocratic bill.

Thank you!

PS- On a lighter note, photos will be returning soon!

cold swedish winter

10/06/2012 § Leave a comment

 In February Leah and I went to visit our friend Rasmus in Sweden. We spent most of our time around Lund and Malmö, but Rasmus took us up north to his family’s summer house for a couple of days and it was amazing. We spent our time bundled up exploring the coastline, trying to smash ice with the biggest rocks we could find, cooking, baking, and even playing some music. There was even a bit of snow the next morning.

Sorry for the poor quality of these scans but it was the best I could do at the moment. I made a small road trip with some friends this past weekend to Brussels and Köln, so I will hopefully have more photos to share from that soon. Hope it’s more summery where you are than it is here in NL!

la défense

22/05/2012 § 9 Comments

 We had only planned on making a quick stop at La Défense to check out the Grande Arche [another amazing Parisian building] but a super kind older gentleman started up a conversation with us and we spent a good 20 minutes talking, mainly him sharing interesting facts and information about the area.. along with things we had to see since we’re both architecture students. There was actually a lot more to see there than we expected, including this beautiful church [photo 3].

I’ve been away for a while because of my P4 presentation and then my subsequent need to take an extended computer break. Well, the good news is my P4 went really well, which means I will be graduating and the beginning of July! Crazy to think about.. but I still have quite a bit to do before the final presentation.

The weather here is finally getting to where it should be.. I think this week calls for a few picnics at the lake.

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