venice III

07/01/2013 § Leave a comment

017_17015_15014_14016_16Venice is probably the most surreal city I have ever visited. Both times I’ve been there, I’ve left Venice with some kind of inexplicable feeling. In its age and history Venice seems so real, almost hyper can see every weathered brick and stone. And yet the city is permeated by the modern tourism industry at an incredible scale. It almost has a “Disneyland” feel to it at times, especially while walking the almost deserted streets at night. One of the most interesting experiences was standing on Giudecca at night and watching a giant cruise ship sail by and dwarf the city in its sheer enormity. Isola San Michele, the cemetery island, is both an escape from the city and a direct reflection of Venice. The cemetery is divided into zones, chronicling the history of the city and its inhabitants, from ancient crumbling gravestones to the newest edition designed by architect David Chipperfield [who was coincidentally this year’s curator of the Venice Biennale]. All this being said, if you ever get the chance to go to Venice, go!

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