canadian poli psa: bill c-38

13/06/2012 § 2 Comments

I don’t usually post about politics on my blog, but for the Canadian readers out there it’s important to know more about Bill C-38 and what you can do to help stop this “Budget Bill” from passing. My good friend, Terris has done a great job over at her blog explaining why this piece of legislation is so dangerous and also what you can do/who you can contact to try and get your voice heard. Also, has more information about rallies taking place across the country and how to contact your MP. Taken from the LeadNow website:

“The Budget Bill contains changes to over 70 laws. It’s a sweeping agenda that would gut our environmental protections, hollow out our economy and damage our society. This Bill will affect all of our lives, and it is being rushed through Parliament without time for open debate or public scrutiny. If it passes unchanged, the Budget Bill will further erode our democracy, and fundamentally change our country.”

I worry that this bill will have a lasting negative impact on our social, environmental and economic welfare. If you care about the issues raised in this bill, please do what you can, whether it be sign a petition, attend a rally or send an email to your MP and urge them to speak out against this undemocratic bill.

Thank you!

PS- On a lighter note, photos will be returning soon!


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