le louvre

14/04/2012 § 7 Comments

The Louvre was spectacular as always. Despite having visited it several times before, I always enjoy coming back. Although it does seem every time I visit the museum it’s busier than ever. We saw a lot of the ‘must sees’ but it was a pretty short visit in the end since we had a lot on our list for that day. The last picture is kind of blurry but I liked the effect of it better than it’s non-blurry counterpart.. sums up the atmosphere outside the Louvre more fittingly.. ordered yet slightly chaotic.

Hoping it will warm up a bit here over the weekend.. I’ve been longing to have a picnic outside but it’s hard to tell if the weather will hold out long enough these days. I had put my winter coat away but I found myself wearing it a few times in the last week.. come on spring! More photos soon 🙂


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§ 7 Responses to le louvre

  • Allison says:

    It looks like summer there! I went to the Louvre once and found it utterly overwhelming! I think I saw 5% of the whole place in 3 hours!

    • elsa says:

      It was definitely summer weather.. but now it’s back to cold here in NL:( It sure is an overwhelming place, way too much to see even in one day!

  • Great photographs! I especially love the last two, were these all taken on 35mm film? I think the Louvre is just one of those places that you could visit hundreds of times and still not see everything it holds.

  • conniededona says:

    Would love to visit here someday!
    Gorgeous shots.

  • cnaska says:

    I love museums and le louvre is definitely one of those places I must go to before I die.. would love to spend a full day there just wandering around 🙂

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