harbour to peak

25/01/2012 § 12 Comments

 A few photos following a journey from Victoria harbour to The Peak. The view from up there is pretty amazing.. we were lucky to have a fairly clear night. One of the coolest things in Hong Kong is the Mid-levels Escalator [second to last photo]. Because it’s so steep in Hong Kong, they built a series of escalators going from the residential  areas up the hill down to the business district. The elevation change is something like 135 meters, and the escalator goes down during the morning and uphill for the rest of the day.. cool huh?

I had my P2 presentation yesterday and got a “go” from my professors and the external reviewers so I was pretty happy about that! The graduation process at this school is pretty regimented.. the next go/no go presentation will be in May I think. I basically have a free week now so I’m looking forward to getting out of the apartment and making a few small trips around NL. Will try to get some new film developed too.


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