2011 [part II]

06/01/2012 § 3 Comments

 Second half of my “year in review.” I’m back in Delft now after a pretty brutal day of flying, delays, turbulence and multiple landing attempts. Glad to be on the ground for a while. I love to travel but flying is not my favourite… was just reminded of that fact yesterday.

[1] made it back to Vancouver and spent a day downtown with my mom and sister [2] nothing beats driving on the Sea to Sky Highway after a great weekend camping [3] did a West Coast road trip with my family and stopped at Deception Pass [4] we spent a few days at Cannon Beach in Oregon, watching the fog roll in and out [5] and exploring the beach a bit [6] then it was off to Portland.. it was great, and pretty close to Vancouver.. will have to visit more often [7] my mom and I made a trip to Salt on my last full day in Vancouver [8] my sister came back to NL with me and we made a trip to London [9] back in NL we spent a day biking in the Hoge Veluwe Park and it was stunning [10] tired of lame/overpriced sushi in Delft we made our own [11] I went to Hong Kong with my studio and it was a sensory overload.. loved it! [12] on our last day we went to Tai O, a fishing village, which was an amazing contrast to the city.

Will share more photos from Tai O soon.. they turned out to be some of my favourite from the trip. Hope everyone is enjoying 2012 so far.


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