2011 [part I]

02/01/2012 § 2 Comments

 Looking back, I did a lot of things in 2011 and I think it was a pretty great year overall. I tried to find some photos that may not have made their way onto here yet to sum up the year.

[1] went to the beach on a cold and sunny January afternoon [2] early morning sky on a studio site visit in February [3+4] friends and food, sometime in early February [5] went to a small town in Niedersachsen, Germany [6] and visited an old house [7] made my first ever trip to London and toured the AA building [8] went for a yummy lunch at Koya in London [9] got to explore a cool old building [twice] for my building conservation course [10] spring came to NL and it was sunny and warm [11] experienced my first Queen’s Day [12] went to Berlin! it was one of the best trips and one of the last things I did before finishing up school and coming back to Vancouver for the summer…

More 2011 memories to follow. Happy 2012!


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§ 2 Responses to 2011 [part I]

  • kwkam says:

    hey elsa its karin

    happy NEW YEARS 😀

    have you left vancity? i’ll be back on the 13th

    • elsa says:

      Same to you, Karin!

      Yeah.. I’m back in Delft. Just got in yesterday and now I’m dealing with jet lag. Hope you enjoy your time in Vancouver!

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