how long is now

14/06/2011 § 2 Comments

 Kunsthaus Tacheles is one of those things I had heard about/read things about for a long time and always wondered what it would actually be like to visit. So of course I made sure it was on my list while I was in Berlin. The building has a pretty interesting past and from what I can tell there’s still a lot of uncertainty about it’s future, hopefully it stays around for a while. It was kind of a weird place but also pretty amazing, I have more pictures from inside that I will share soon.

My summer back home is already shaping up.. a short trip to Seattle on the 24th, road trip to Oregon in late July/early August and a few camping adventures I’m sure.. I can’t wait.






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§ 2 Responses to how long is now

  • Allison says:

    That’s exciting! Where are you going to go in Seattle and Oregon?

  • elsa says:

    I’ll be in Oregon July 28-August 2 I think. I was supposed to be headed to Seattle this coming weekend but had to postpone it, hopefully sometime soon though!

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