it will find you

17/04/2011 § 2 Comments

Generally London seemed pretty street art free but I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot in the Brick Lane area on Sunday while we were checking out the markets. Guess you just have to know where to look for some things, but I think I prefer to stumble upon them.

This weekend was nice, spent some time at a nearby park since the weather was really nice, had consecutive picnics, and got some sorbet today. Well for something not so nice, I also discovered that my local go-to store for developing is being a big jerk and no longer offering in store processing, which means I have to wait a week to get my film back. I’m going to try and find somewhere new I think.. but it’s just annoying.

Anyways, my exam break is over and I’ll be back in classes on Tuesday after another site visit tomorrow. Not going to lie, I really wish school was finished for the semester right about now..

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