twenty four

05/04/2011 § 2 Comments

I turned 24 today. Spent the morning making pancakes with blueberry sauce and tidying. The weather was gross so I couldn’t really go on a nice walk like I wanted to. Spent the afternoon catching up on TV shows, reading some magazines and waiting for my birthday parcel from Canada to arrive [it didn’t, thanks Dutch customs office]. Spent the evening with some good friends stuffing our faces at all-you-can-eat Japanese food and discussing politics. It’s been kind of a weird birthday not being with my family for the first time, but Skype is a pretty decent substitute. I look kind of sad in this picture but it’s just because I was writing something [was really bored waiting for the non-existant delivery].

A side note: I can’t get over how amazing LCD Soundsystem’s last concert was. They’re pretty much all I’ve been listening to for the past few days. So sad to see them go..

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