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I made a quick 3 day trip to Germany this past weekend and spent part of Friday afternoon in Hannover. I always like exploring places I’ve never been before but although it was nice walking around it was bitterly cold and kept threatening to snow. Luckily it didn’t snow but it was pretty chilly all weekend. I had been wanting to go to Germany for a while and it was the perfect opportunity to practice speaking the language a bit [haven’t really much since I spent two weeks there in the summer of 2009] and visit a few new places.

I’ll post more from my short adventure to Germany but probably not until I get back from London next week. Erica, Eric and I are leaving tomorrow morning so I’d better finish up with packing and getting organized. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

Note: I don’t know what’s up with my blog lately but it’s been switching photos around on me. Yesterday everything looked fine but this morning a picture of Scheveningen showed up in this post, but the actual photo of Hannover is in the post when I look to edit it. So bizarre… has anyone else had this issue?


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