22/12/2010 § Leave a comment

A few friends and I took the train to Belgium 2 weekends ago and our first stop was Brugge. I was there once 5 years ago and was amazed at how busy it was for this time of year; a bit too many tourists for my liking. The first photo is at the Delft train station and the second at a station in Gent where we switched train to Brugge. It’s a really cool medieval city.. if you’ve ever seen the movie “In Brugge” you get a pretty good idea of what it’s like [but quite a bit more pleasant than Colin Farrell makes it out to be].

I spent the day downtown today with Bryan and Ellen and finished up my Christmas shopping. It was nice to spend a bit of time in a big city.. I realized what I missed about Vancouver. And also what I didn’t miss.. haha. It was fun anyway. I eventually have to start on some of my schoolwork… sometime…

Hope everyone’s holiday preparations are going well!


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