some things last a long time

27/11/2010 § 4 Comments

These are a few pictures from inside the German pavilion. The theme of their exhibition was “Sehnsucht” or “longing”. There were lots of sketches by different architects and designers but my favourite part was the room with the white curtain and also the super cool retro light fixture.

Last night I went with a bunch of friends to the Le Guess Who music festival in Utrecht, about an hour away by train. The bands playing were Junip [with Jose Gonzalez], Caribou [one of my favourite Canadian bands] and Beach House [one of my absolute favs]. It was a really great concert, Caribou was super fun [and loud], Beach House played almost all of my favourite songs [like this one] and Victoria Legrand is so amazing live. I got this cool app for my iPhone where you can choose from several camera and film types; here are some pics from the concert:

Anyways, my friend Erica and I are back in the kitchen today cooking up a storm for our American/[belated]Canadian thanksgiving celebration tonight. There were a few tiny snowflakes this morning and it’s really cold out so it’s pretty much the perfect day to stay inside and have some North American comfort food! I’m really hoping this pumpkin pie turns out alright..


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§ 4 Responses to some things last a long time

  • Adeline says:

    Beautiful photos, as always.

  • Allison says:

    Was the pie ok? Happy belated Thanksgiving!

    These photos are really impressive…I swear whenever I try to take pictures at shows they turn out AWFUL. That sounds like a really great show too – I’d love to see all of those bands!

    • elsa says:

      Pretty much! I ended up having to bake it in a spring form pan though.. couldn’t find a pie dish anywhere here. I had to make the pumpkin part from scratch but thankfully turned out great.

      I was really happy about the way those photos turned out. I’m not sure what type of phone you have but there’s an app called “pudding camera” ..sounds really bizarre but it’s cool. You can choose from a bunch of different cameras and effects. Makes my normal iphone pictures way more interesting!

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