kobus kuch

29/09/2010 § Leave a comment

I’d heard from a few sources that Kobus Kuch has the best appelgebak [or appeltaart] in Delft. A couple of weeks ago my friend Erica and I decided we had to put the rumours to the test. We shared a piece and it was pretty good, although I think I expected a bit more. The cake has raisins and walnuts in it [which I apparently am not allergic to? nice.] and is served with a generous portion of “slagroom” [whipped cream]. I kind of felt like having a bit of a treat this weekend so I paid them another visit.

Our faculty at school has a pub open Tues/Thurs evenings so my friends and I went for a post-class beer which ended up turning into two which ended up turning into going for dinner [when I had intended to work on building technology for most of the night]. I’m glad I took the break though because I ended up getting all my work done anyways. I think if you don’t take some time for yourself, things get a bit too crazy. I promised to devote tonight to work though, so better get to it.

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