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23/09/2010 § 3 Comments

I’m giving myself a bit of a breather tonight.. it’s been a busy week. I actually expected to be at school until 9 this evening but luckily my design studio finished earlier than planned. Anyways, this past week has been fun.. a bunch of firsts. First time having “haring” [pickled herring served with onions, typically Dutch and surprisingly better than expected], first time falling off my bike [gravel+bike path under construction=danger], first time going to an organic restaurant in Holland [it was in Rotterdam and it was really gooood] and first time going on an amusement park ride in the market square of an old dutch town.

Last Friday I decided to take my camera around with me all day.. started off at the apartment and ended on the way home from the pub later that night. I should do it more often I think! This weekend I’ll take a bunch of my film in to be developed so hopefully I’ll have more analogue stuff to share soon!


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§ 3 Responses to new skool

  • Nami says:

    What camera do you use??
    I really like your photos!!awesome!

  • Nami says:

    oh,sorry, Im Nami, from Japan and studying English in uni of Kyoto.
    Im interested in photograph and seeing awesome house! yea, so i wanna say im not strange just wanna talk wiz you cause your photos are great!!!!!!

    • elsa says:

      Hi Nami, thanks for your comments! For this set of photos I used my Canon Rebel DSLR with a 50mm lens. A lot of the photos on my blog are taken with film cameras though [either a Voigtländer Prominent, Olympus OM-10 or Canon AE-1].

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