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31/07/2010 § 6 Comments

Off to Rome! I love loooved the Roman Forum. After touring the Colosseum [which was also quite amazing] we headed to the Forum. We had this awesome Scottish tour guide, Richard, who knew so much and had so many interesting and funny stories about ancient Rome. It was really hot though.. around 36 celsius [97 F] and after the tour I opted to sit and sketch in the shade with my sister vs climb up to the Palatine Hill with my parents. Probably the best decision I made all day. This was also the day I slipped on the steps by Piazza del Campidoglio and broke my kit lens.. argh.

The weather has been awesome this past week [unfortunately I had to spend most of it in an office], but I went to Stanley Park yesterday which was great and I’m looking forward to spending more time outside this long weekend. Hope everyone else is having a great one!

PS – I decided it was time to change my header 🙂


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  • bagnidilucca says:

    Rome ia a fabulous place to wander about. My favourite area is behind the Piazza Navona, around Via Governo Vecchio. I love the tiny winding streets and there are lots of restaurants that look great. Try a San Crispino gelato while you are in Rome. There is a shop near the Piazza Navona and another near Trevi Fountain.

  • Allison says:

    That does sound like a good decision – its good to stop and enjoy the moment sometimes.

    I like the new header : )

    • elsa says:

      Yeah, I think I appreciated the place so much more having taken the time to sit and observe it [and attempt to sketch it haha].

      Glad you like it!

  • brittany says:

    ohh these are lovely and dreamy.

    feeling inspired to share my rome photos now :]

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