22/05/2010 § 2 Comments

I decided to experiment with the old polaroid camera this morning. I remember having some kind of camera like this when I was a kid that would spit out mini polaroids, it was the coolest thing, I wonder whatever happened to it…

Anyways I was super happy that the camera is still in working condition! The only bad part was there was a whole cartridge of 10 exposures already in the camera, but the battery cell had drained, so it pretty much rendered them useless. I have a few packs of film, but I’m going to try and be selective with my picture taking since polaroid film is kind of expensive [unfortunately]. I took this picture in my room, just to test things out.. [it’s kind of a crappy photo].

I have a ton of stuff to do this weekend to get organized for my trip. It’s supposed to be a long weekend but I’m working Monday anyways.. which I actually don’t mind, seeing as I will be leaving in just over a week. I’m hoping that the weather will hold out and I’ll get a chance to go to the beach with some friends tomorrow or Monday after work. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


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