everything is going to be alright

23/03/2010 § 4 Comments

Phew, these are pretty much the last photos from my Chinatown excursion. This recently renovated building [top photo] has a giant neon sign that says “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT”, which ironically is my motto right about now. You can see my friends’ cool umbrella installation in that photo too.

The “meat store” in the 2nd photo has some really strange looking creature on their sign. To me it looked like a pokemon but Eric thought it was supposed to be pork [I don’t know what kind of pork is greeeeeen]. Anyways, neither of us could really figure it out.

I guess my parents noticed that I’m getting more serious about photography, and my mom mentioned yesterday that her and my dad bought an Olympus when they first got married. Apparently it’s stowed away in our basement somewhere, I might go looking for it later today, but from what they’ve told me it’s an Olympus OM [not sure what number]. I’m not sure what kind of condition it’s in but I’m eager to check it out! It will be nice to use a film camera with a zoom lens, instead of moving closer or further away from objects [yes, voigtländer.. I’m talking about you]

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