15/03/2010 § 4 Comments

I came across some pretty interesting buildings on my walk last week.

I took a picture in the alley to the right of the first building, and I didn’t really notice much about the building itself until I crossed the street. I was hoping the guy in the third floor wouldn’t notice me creeping on his building [he didn’t]. Something about this one looks a bit precarious, but I like the sage-y colour of the bay windows.

I like the intense colours on the second building, I think it’s some kind of plexi-glass material. Although it does seem kind of random..maybe remnants of some commercial enterprise?

I had walked by the building in the 3rd photo a bunch of times on my way to and from work last fall and always wanted to take a proper picture of it [ie. not on my iphone and not in the pouring rain]. I like the red fire escape.

I was quite happy to stumble upon the last building. From what I remember the front of this building [the photo is of the back] is not this wonderful. It’s pretty much my favourite colour. [I also made another photo of this building my new header]

Anyways, I still have some more photos from this roll to post. I also took some photos yesterday when I went to this antique store with my mom. They had an amazing section full of 1950s kitchenware and accessories, that was colour-coordinated.. it was great!

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  • brittany says:

    the striped/plexi façade looks like both summertime and christmas, stuck inside a grey fall day. poor thing. [love it]

  • Allison says:

    you have a good eye for finding this. they’re all kind of dilapidated but you’re right, they do stand out in their own way.

    • elsa says:

      Thanks 🙂 Yeah, I’m always drawn to things that are a bit rough around the edges.. A lot of buildings like this have a certain character that is often overlooked

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