08/03/2010 § 4 Comments

So, I made a big mistake with my camera the other day. I saw I had about 14 exposures left on my camera so I decided taking some pictures in Chinatown might be nice. Everything was going great until I got to the 24th exposure and the roll seemed to keep advancing. I thought maybe I set the film up wrong so I tried taking another few pictures, realized the film dial was still turning and noticed something sounded off. At this point I was concerned that something in my camera was broken [since it’s over 50 years old] and I was willing to sacrifice a bit of a light leak to figure out what was up. Also the film wasn’t rewinding. So basically, after fooling around with the camera for 5 minutes, trying to get it to rewind [thanks Eric for finally getting it to work], I decided to just get it developed and see what the deal was.

And the deal was, only 11 photos were actually taken. What happened to the other 13 pictures I took in Chinatown.. I have no idea [I think the film was stuck or something]. So I have these photos which I took the previous week which have all been psychedelically transformed by the light leak. I can’t really tell if I like it or not, but I was pretty disappointed about the chinatown photos. Anyways, the last 2 photos are from this cool container exhibition that was on display near the Olympic flame downtown. I’ll post more from this weird roll of film soon..


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