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granville + robson

victory ceremony

photo credit to eric

So the Olympics officially ended last Sunday. It was a strange experience for me. A few months ago I really wanted to get out of town [to New York specifically] but in a way I’m actually kind of thankful I stayed [although I still want to go to NYC]. Growing up in a place all your life, you get kind of used to things, like going downtown, I always know what to expect. But the Olympics changed all that, and I kind of loved it. I know there was a lot of bad press, a truly awful tragedy at Whistler, and I definitely agree that there are some major issues that the city is faced with that probably should have come before a multi-million dollar sporting event, but I gave it a chance.

I actually kind of felt a bit patriotic at times [which for me is weird]. I loved being downtown and hearing all the different languages and seeing all the different flags. But mostly I enjoyed it because people were enjoying themselves in a way I’d never seen in Vancouver before. The city felt so alive, and already I can tell it’s lost it again [probably due to the outward migration of thousands of visitors and athletes]. But for those two weeks, the city changed. I hope the energy and spontaneity I felt on the streets sticks around. The “no fun city” needs that.

Anyways, that’s just my thought on the games. Although I dislike a lot of things to do with the Olympics [the heavy bureaucracy and corporate nature of it] I tried to look on the positive side [as I generally do]. I’m curious to know what other people think though… did anyone else watch? What did other people think about the 2010 games?


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