18/02/2010 § 1 Comment

So I’ve been slowly figuring my way around this old Voigtländer, and it’s pretty different than any camera I’ve used before. My last real experience using a film camera was a few years ago with this old Minolta slr that belonged to my uncle [which turned out to have some problems..]. This camera is way different. First of all it just sounds different. Pressing the shutter release makes a metallic click noise..very different from the mechanical chirp of my Canon. Secondly, it’s kind of tricky to focus. You focus by turning this knob that’s on the top left of the camera. It’s just fine for stationary stuff [after a bit of practice], but really tricky for moving subjects. There are certain settings which are “pre-defined” which make things a bit easier.

Also, because nothing on this camera is automatic, at one point I thought my film was stuck so I opened the back.. and voila.. a light leak. Kind of a cool effect though. Anyways, these are just some random shots I did in my room while I was trying to get a feel for the camera. I’m planning on taking some photos downtown tomorrow and I’m going to bring along both of my cameras .. so we’ll see what happens!


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