2009 part four: münchen

09/02/2010 § Leave a comment

This summer I took two weeks off of work to go to Munich. My friend Markus lives there, and I had been the year before and definitely felt somehow at home in Bavaria. Although, its really hard for me to understand the Bavarian dialect.. I have a pretty good handle on high German, but Bavarian is so different! It was a bit easier the second time around though. So I went back this summer to do some more exploring and check out a school there to see if it was a possibility for grad school. Anyways, here are a few “fotos” from the trip. These ones are just from Munich, I have a lot more from other areas in Bavaria which I will post soon. Oh, also some of these photos are not taken with my usual dslr [I couldn’t find the battery charger while I was packing, so I borrowed my family’s Kodak point and shoot]

Max-Joseph Platz.


The fountain at Karlsplatz.

The beautiful Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan.

BMW Welt [BMW World]

Me standing by BMW World, it’s a massive building!

One of my favourite buildings in Munich, Museum Brandhorst.

I realized I have a ton of photos, so I’m going to split these up a bit. I still haven’t found my camera’s battery charger… argh. At least I have a bunch of pictures from Germany to post meanwhile!


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